LG Announced 2018 Versions Of LG K8 And LG K10 Will Be Unveiled At MWC

LG is expected to unveil its premium smartphone under a different name then G7 at MWC 2018. It seems that LG has taken a smart move by announcing to unveil advanced versions of its mid-end device K8 and K10 models at MWC 2018. Both the device were introduced in 2016 and then enhanced version were 

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Google Has Recently Invested $875 Million In LG For Developing OLED Flexible Screens

Google has started to take interest in improving its Android hardware. According to Korea based Yonhap News and Electronic Times (ET) Google has recently invested $875 million in LG for developing OLED flexible screens for Google made Pixel Android smartphone series. There is a great demand for Google’s Pixel phones but the company has had 

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