Coin Mining Malicious Code Found In Android Apps Listed On Google Play

Cryptocurrencies are becoming very popular these days, there are several legal apps available on both Google Play and Apple App Store which allow users to manage their cryptocurrency accounts from their mobile. A recent research report published by Trend Micro Inc. found hidden code for cryptomining in several Android apps which are listed on Google Play. 

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More Than 500 Android Apps Found To Contain Spyware

A recent report published be security researchers have revealed that more then 500 Apps present on Google Play Store might possibly have been used secretly for the distribution of a spyware. The root cause behind this distribution of spyware is attributed to a malicious advertising SDK (Software Development Kit) used to develop these apps. Image 

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Check Point Found Severe Security Flaw In WhatsApp And Telegram

Check Point a security firm revealed on Wednesday that a flaw in WhatsApp and Telegram can be used by hackers to get access to users account. Check Point immediately alerted both WhatsApp and Telegram about the vulnerability a week ago. Check Point waited for both WhatsApp and Telelgram to remove the vulnerability through patch before 

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